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The novel "Blutfunde" (“Blood Find“) will be published in March 2013 by Elster Verlag, Zurich.
The short story "Die Russin" (“The Russian Woman”) was published in February 2013 in der anthology "Mord in Switzerland" (“Murder in Switzerland”) by Appenzeller Verlag, Herisau.


Lesung in der Volkshochschule in Eisenach
12.3. 2013


Stuhlfabrik in Herisau AR
22. February 2013
Vorstellen der Anthologie "Mord in Switzerland"

reading "Die Russin"

left to right:
author: Helmut Maier, Susy Schmid, Philipp Probst, Karin Bachmann (sitting),Christina Casanove, Jutta Motz (sitting), Magdalena Bernath, Appenzeller Verlag, Felix Mettler,
Petra Ivanov, Anne Cuneo (sitting)


Criminale 2009

Jutta Motz Criminale 2009

Jutta Motz at the Criminale 2009

Reading in Halle an der Saale, 11. March 2009


Criminale 2005

A loyal listener, Gipsy in Tatort Hotel, on the occasion of the Criminale 2005.

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