Frequently Asked Questions

Where, how, and when do you work?


 I write almost exclusively during the summer, in a mountain village called Petri on a Greek island. The village is about 2.5 kilometers from the coast, with virtually no automobile traffic to speak of.

I sit and read a lot in the shady inner courtyard of the house.

 When I write, I work in the house (which has air conditioning to combat the heat waves) at my desk on a laptop computer. From my desk, I have a view of the terrace. Or I sit on the terrace, from where I can see the water.

 Since 2012, I have lived in an apartment that offers all the advantages of modern housing. It is a low-energy building with triple-glazed windows, which makes it very quiet (noticeable even to me as a layperson where windows are concerned). Another convenience is an elevator that goes all the way down to the parking garage. There’s also a bus stop directly in front of the building. As anyone who is familiar with Zurich knows, city parking is very expensive, so buses and trams are truly a valuable option!

 When there is a “Föhn” (warm, dry wind from the mountains), I can see all the way to the Alps from my terrace. In the winter, when it snows or the weather is hazy, I can only see as far as the Albis hills on the other side of Lake Zurich.    


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Support staff

My dog Gipsy, who unfortunately died in February 2008 at the age of 14.

Papina und Sappho

In the summer of 2008 I was also adopted by two Greek dogs: Papina - brown-white and short-legged, about 5 years old now, and her daughter Sappho, for short Sapphi, born in June 2008.

My tomcat Moritz, whose favorite activity is to wreak havoc in the carefully sorted piles of documents on my desk.

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* translation: Mary Tannert