Blood Find

Ruthlessly hunted

What was planned as an educational holiday in Rome turns into the kind of adventure Jane couldn’t possibly have anticipated: her very first evening there, the Englishwoman and her friend Gioia, a lawyer, witness the murder of an African man.

Over the days that follow, Gioia and Jane find themselves caught up in the investigations into the murders of refugees. Thousands of people from Asia and Africa are smuggled every year across the Mediterranean to southern Europe, and for many of them, the dangerous voyage ends in death. The head of Cairo’s homicide commission, Hakim Muhamed, is also doing his best to identify and apprehend the masterminds behind a trafficking organization. On the search for two young men, he goes undercover among a group of refugees from northern Africa. What he experiences on the boat crossing exceeds his wildest fears – even if he survives the voyage, his fate is still uncertain: deportation, enslavement and death wait for many of those who make it to mainland Europe.

Spontaneously, a group of honest people begins to work together to thwart what has become a daily horror in southern Europe. A fisherman rescues refugees from the sea, and the nuns of a Carmelite convent revive the medieval tradition of church asylum in new guise. With the help of the local doctor, Roman lawyers, a British diplomat, a major of the Italian army and some priests at the Vatican, they ensure the safety and shelter of the refugees. With the support of Gioia and Jane, the public is also informed. Together, all of them fight to make sure that the crimes being committed on the Mediterranean can be punished. The plot takes the reader from the southern tip of Italy through Naples and Rome and onward to Den Haag, where Europol is headquartered.

In this unusual novel, Jutta Motz takes up a drama that plays out daily along Europe’s southern borders but is suppressed by her established, well-to-do societies. This exciting crime story describes how an invisible net of help and support rises up to counter the inhuman conditions to which the refugees are subject. Her protagonists take up the battle against corrupt, mafia-like structures with the help of the existing laws, however inadequate they may be.

Elster Verlag
ISBN 978-3-906065-01-4
Publication: March 2013

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Späte Seilschaften
Old Boys Network

Murder – almost incidentally

What do a professor from Oxford and a former agent for the “Stasi” (East German Secret Police) have to do with each other? They’re both under suspicion for murder. And they have a common past. It’s an exciting construct for a crime story set at the end of the Cold War.

Oxford archeology professor Anthony Gardener, a former agent for the British Secret Service (MI6), is afraid he’ll be falsely accused of murdering a young colleague. And former Stasi police captain Roepke is forced to disappear from Berlin when he discovers he is suspected of complicity in the robbery of an armored vehicle.

With the end of the conflict between east and west, these two protagonists encounter each other again. However, their stage is no longer the Gordian knots of their respective political systems. Instead, they’re caught between the wheels of powerful economic interests that threaten to tear them to pieces. The balance of power has shifted; the threat scenarios have taken on individual dimensions. Gardener and Roepke must work together to clear their names. A plot with depth against the backdrop of daily potential for danger.

Drei Frauen und die Kunst
Three Women and Art

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Drei Frauen auf der Jagd
Three Women go Hunting

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Drei Frauen und das Kapital
Three Women and Capital

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All books Piper Publisher Munich-Zurich. The women have to deal with economic problems and work themselves through banks, real estates and art fakes in different cities like Zurich, Munich or Berlin.


* translation: Mary Tannert





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